Makoi Arq 450 Ml

Beneficial In : Liver Disease
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Category Arq
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It is a very good herbal remedy for asthma as it removes catarrhal matter & phlegm from the bronchial tubes. It combats many of the stomach issues like stomach cramps, stomach ache & flatulence.
Makoy also plays the role in supporting the joints by helping in the treatment of rheumatic pain & gout.
Various skin issues like acnes, psoriasis & freckles can be treated successfully with the help of Makoy.
A decoction prepared from the leaves n stem of Makoy helps in the treatment of dieresis.
Makoy is a key ingredient in various medicines prepared to resolve various liver disorders.
It also helps in treating Urinary Tract Infections as it increases the secretion and discharge of urine.
Various mouth related problems like gum diseases n bad breadth finds its solution with the help of this herb.

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