Shilajeet Tablet 60 tablet

Beneficial In : Male Sexual Dysfunction (MSD) | Diabetes | Arthritis |
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Nidco Shilajeet works as an anti-inflammatory agent due to its similar pharmacological properties like that of a glucocortocoid.

Nidco Shilajeet helps in increasing the strength and stamina in males. It works as an aphrodisiac agent and male health enhancer thereby helps in raising the sperm count and also helps in improving their quality.

Nidco Shilajeet also helpful to increase the central energy (Oja, the essence of energy) responsible for
your sexual and spiritual power.

Nidco Shilajeet is also comprehensively used in the treating of diabetes mellitus (DM) and normalizes the
blood glucose level.

Key ingredients Shilajeet Extract 750 mg
DisclaimerAvoid self medication! Consult your physician.