Diabnid Granuels 200gm

Beneficial In : Diabetes
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Category General Health
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Diabnid Granules offers gentle, gradual hypoglycemic activity of herbomineral ingredients, helps in regulation of glucose, lipid metabolism and improves the quality of life in type 2 diabetes.

Key Ingredients:
Momordica charianta: has been reported to have significant effective hypoglycemic properties.

Curcuma longa: In Ayurveda the traditional system of medicine Haldi has been used in several ways as blood purifier & antiseptic.

Bitumen asphalt: The findings support the postulate that shilajit can prevent maturity onset diabetes mellitus4.

Key ingredients

Karela, Jamun, Shilajeet, Gudmaar etc.


Avoid self medication! Consult your physician.