Diabnol Forte Tablet 30 Tablets

Beneficial In : Diabetes
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Category General Health
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Diabnol Forte is a composition of herbomineral ingredients of swarn basant kusumakar ras, tribang bhasma, pure shilajeet, ela laghu, guduchi along with other trusted natural herbs. It effectively controls blood sugar exerting insulin mimic effect, protects nephrons,
activates kidney, liver as well as helps to relieve symptoms like body ache, fatigue, loss of vitality etc. & effective as an antioxidant & immunomodulator.

Diabnol Forte promotes BETA cells, repairs regeneration and increases the C-peptide level. As it
has anti oxidant properties, Diabnol Forte protects the BETA cells from oxidative stress. It even exerts an insulin like action.

Key ingredients

Jamun, Karela, Gudmaar, Swarn Basant Kusumakar Ras etc.


Avoid self medication! Consult your physician.